People Helping People Thru Change


Our Mission

Change The World

In Life, it’s not what you earn, but what you give that makes a difference.

We see every human being doing a little something to make a positive change in another person’s life. Bring us the needs of the sick, the weary, and the poor. Together, we will find a way to help them through change.

There is, and always will be, NEED. At ChangeThruChange, our mission is to clearly enrich the quality of life of an individual person, every day. Together, as life-changers working in unison, we can collect and raise the money to support numerous causes simultaneously whether local, regional, or global and affect change for every man, woman, and child, at no cost.

We believe that every person’s “2 Cents” counts. We honor and value the opinions and wisdom of the crowd. When we cooperatively focus our attention and dedicate ourselves to solving a problem, anything is possible.

Why We Do This

Change People’s Lives

“With A Little Help From Our Friends”

Our purpose is to change people’s lives and we want others to help us do that. We believe that people, no matter what their personal circumstance, will stretch to support something they are passionate about. And, that people as a whole strive to improve the quality of their own life as well as the lives of others.

There is no single solution that can solve the increasingly problematic issues facing our planet and its population. Every day more than 2.2 billion people lack access to Safe Drinking Water, and 2 billion people wake up and go to sleep hungry. We’re here to change that. Five cents can provide 1 gallon of pure water for a man, woman, or child. One dollar can provide enough food for a person to sustain life for a day. Every penny really counts!