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What We Do

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Changing Peoples Lives

Affect Change Media is a Global Media and Content Provider specifically focused on highlighting the “Wonder Filled” works of people and organizations around the world “Affecting Change” and enhancing the quality of people’s lives every single day.


Affect Change Media offers People, Companies, Organizations and Brands an opportunity to Sponsor an Affect Change episode and show the people and the world what they are doing to do their part in “Making the World a Better Place”

Produce & Present

“Visual Illustrations”

Of The Goodness In People

Affect Change Media creates, produces & presents “Visual Illustrations” illuminating the power of goodness in people distributed through its global television and digital relationships.

Affect Change Media works closely with organizations and brands to develop content and produce presentations that showcase their philosophy, best business practices, corporate integrity, social responsibility initiatives, general operating principals, and most important, their dedication to the wellness of our planet and all its inhabitants.

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